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Step 3.2 Duration of hold

It is of utmost importance that the previous steps are completed otherwise this exercise will not work. We have to avoid the fight and have the dog’s full trust and cooperation.

Begin with focus and chin rests.

Be prepared that your dog might not like you insisting that he holds PVC stick in his mouth. Find the balance between not giving in and encouraging him to get it done. You can also use your other hand and gently put it on his nose. Whatever you do, do no make all of this super unpleasant.

Do not worry if the dog chews the dumbbell. It is a little stress, and we will work on it.

Be patient, accept little victories and build upon success. Take your time building duration.


My dog is moving his head too much?
Try attaching tighter. If the dog was really loose, tighten gradually and go back to the steps to keep him comfortable.

My dog spits the stick out?
Utilize both of your hands under the chin and on the top of the nose. Slowly build the dog’s ability to hold the stick when you take your hands away. In the beginning, do it for a split second building duration at a variable rate.