Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 4.3 Verbal

We areassigning a verbal cue through Classical Conditioning.

  1. Place the PVC stick n front of the dog’s face and allow him to focus on it. Wait a variable number of seconds.
  2. Say your verbal cue and within 2 seconds apply gentle continuous pressure on the leash.
  3. Present the stick to the dog and wait until he takes it.
  4. When he does, immediately release leash pressure.
  5. Mark.
  6. Reinforce.


After 200 repetitions with verbal-mechanical the dog is still not reacting?
The potential reason might be in your timing. Either too much or too little between the verbal and mechanical.

Make certain that:

  1. You say your verbal cue.
  2. You count one second in your head (think out the thought “one one thousand”)
  3. You apply leash pressure