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Step 5 Problem Solving Crooked​ Backup Copy

Step 5 – Problem-Solving Crooked​ Backup

We are problem-solving an issue of the dog coming in while swinging his rear to the left. The video is very clear and self-explanatory.

You can use any tool: a bench or a board, and place it so the dog would back into it and would correct his position. You can even angle it slightly to make it more challenging. The critical aspect is to fade it as soon as possible and not create a dependency on it.

When placing the dog, have him ahead of the bench so he can potentially run into it while backing up and be more careful. Do not set him up for an unreasonable failure. Later, we do not want the dog to touch the bench.

It is also beneficial to go back to a shorter distance and hold the reinforcer under the arm to make sure the dog is very clear that he needs to return to the Basic Position and look up.

Do not add a Helper and a sleeve until the dog is really doing well. Too much drive too soon may hurt the progress.

As always keep the balance of the focus on the Assistant and the ability to get back into the Basic Position.