Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 6.1 Bring-here with the PVC stick


My dog is dropping the stick when i say here.
That is absolutely normal. Try to make the distance even smaller or place your hand under the dogs chin and help him. Important is to click as soon as the dog sits in front of you. Even if its not perfect just click, Just to give the dog an idea about what you want from him. When that is working better you can higher your requirements.

My dog start to chew on the stick?
That can happen once you add some drive in the exercise. Try to place a ball under your chin so that your dog has a fix point. Normally when they have something to focus on they are calmer. It is also possible to have food in your mouth and reward from there. But don’t forget that this is just a help.  The help needs to be faded out as soon as possible. Make sure that if your dog is chewing when he is sitting in front of you then pull the stick out. The dog should learn that the leash pressure is on until he is calm in his grip. Once the dog understands that then the chewing will disappear.