Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 9.1 Speed

This exercise will help with the speed of the dumbbell. The reason the dog is slow on come back – he does not want to give up his prey. We need to teach him how to give up willingly.

You can use a “2 Ball Game”:

You have two identical balls. Play tug with the dog and suddenly the ball that he has turns dead and not fun. The Handler will first give the command OUT and get the other ball moving. The dog will be motivated to give up the dead prey for the live one.

It will be easier to play if the dog knows the concept of OUT. Please remember that the dog is not allowed to OUT until the command. If he lets go of the ball without permission, hide the other ball behind your back and move the one that he just left. He will return to the one he left without permission.

We are teaching the dog that OUT does not mean he has to surrender the prey. It means that another activity is coming


My dog takes both the ball and dumbbell.
That is ok, as long as he gives it back when you call him.