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Training Video Stop Chewing Copy

Training Video – Stop Chewing

It is all about very clear communication with the dog. If the dog chews:

  • Use your verbal Negative Marker.
  • Follow by the pop on the leash.
  • Then pull the dog forward so the leash would tighten.
  • The dog will counter, and the lash pressure will go away (Negative Reinforcement).
  • You can continue to tug (Positive Reinforcement).

Once the dog is doing well with the bite pillow, you can progress to the sleeve, once he is doing well with the sleeve you get rid of the back tie. Once the dog is not back tied make sure you have a long line to control him.

If the dog does not bite fully, give him a Bite command and allow him to rebite. He is not permitted to rebite without the command.