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Training Example – Working with an Assistant​

Training Example – Working with an Assistant​

20-month old Zack.

When the dog is bouncy while heeling – add a stop to calm the dog down.

02:14 sec – Tobias helps Zack into the sitting position by applying leash pressure while walking behind the dog.

It is essential not to repeat the same excises over and over. Mix and match with some heeling in-between and random reinforcements.

03:26 sec – Down exercises with Tobias’s help.

03:39 sec – Sit from a Down. Something the dog is not fond of.

04:19 sec – Stand out of motion. Please pay attention to the placement of the leash (under the leg).

When we practice these exercises, we always mix in some heeling, and we always do Sit, Down, and Stand in that order.

We finish the session with heeling and some left turns with incorporating marching steps.