Training Puppy Course with Malinois “Iwan Pawlow”

In this course, we are sharing our daily training routine.

Sometimes, it is hard to decide where to start training your puppy and how to proceed. It can be stressful and overwhelming.

Follow the journey of Iwan Pawlow.

You can use this program not only for little puppies but older puppies and even dogs in training. If you look through, you will see Foundations or exercises that are very useful and follow from there.

In addition to short descriptions within this course, you will find links to exact courses and lessons for more details.

We are offering you just a guideline. Pick and choose what can benefit your training toolbox.

Please go at your own pace or the pace of your puppy.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 51 Lessons Available
  • 155 Topics


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  1. Very informative even when you have an older dog and you and your dog knows the basics already. Thank you Anna and Iwan. And Toby off course 😉

  2. Thanks to all team. Very interesting. I am learning a lot.