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Exclusive Training Tools from Anna & Tobi

Kogan Bow


A unique training tool for obedience that helps dog handlers to teach their dog correct fronts, jumps, finishes and many more exercises in no time, without a training partner or years of experience!


The SDS Harness is a unique training tool for the stay positions that helps newbies, IGP nerds, and professional dog trainers to teach their dog stay positions in no time without a training partner, a dog training club, or years of experience so they can get reliable and fast stay positions out of motion.

PT3000 & Finger Kick

The Dogtrophy is a remote controlled big ball dropper ( 3 balls ) where you can reward the desired behaviour of your dog immediately, without motion, and on a big distance.

It is used as a direct/indirect reward .

Supplements to keep your dog active and healthy

Our goal is to research and develop top-class nutrient- and health-products for dogs. All our products are produced with the same standards and regulations that is required for humans, all products are also registered and approved by Swedish Bord of Agriculture, all this guarantees a top-class product for your animal. 100% swedish made!

3 Product categories

Mobility & Joints

Recovery & Muscles

General Health