The Kogan Bow 

A unique training tool for obedience that helps dog handlers to teach their dog correct fronts, jumps, finishes and many more exercises in no time, without a training partner or years of experience!

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Feedback from Jany Böhm

"Finally a Tool that makes sence....!


What exercises can you do?


Finish Wrap Around

A-Frame Climbing


Dummbbel Work

Article indication

Blind Work



1 m Hurdle

Guarding Pahse

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The Bundle (2 Kogan Bowes) comes with training videos on how to use the Kogan Bow in different exercises!

Praise and Testimonials

«I use the Kogan Bows for the position in front after recalls, apport presentation, and into position from the front. I think it is a brilliant tool, allowing us to teach the dog correct movement and behavior without our body help! The Kogan Bow has quickly become an important part of my obedience equipment!»

- Andreas Volle, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion and several times FCI and FMBB WC competitor IPO/IGP

I used it for my fronts, especially for the flat retrieve and the retrieve over the hurdle. My dog has a great presentation of the dumbbell and is always in a correct position in front of me!

Davy Verschueren
belgium Champion 2022

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Bonus #1

Perfect Front Position
single price 87,- € / for free!

Bonus #2

Climb the A-Frame
single price 25,- € / for free!

Bonus #3

Finish Wrap Around
single price 35,- € / for free!

Bonus #4

Blind Work
single price 19,- € / for free!

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2 Bows
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get 2 Kogan Bows
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  • Free Introduction Video
  • Fronts with a green dog - save 29,- €
  • Fronts with an adult dog - save 29,- €
  • Fronts Troubleshooting - save 29,- €
  • A-Frame climbing -         save 25,- €
  • Finish Wrap Around-
    save 35,- €
  • Blind Work -                       save 19,- €
  • all upcoming videos for free