Short Escape with Jany Böhm


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Course Content

Step 1: Hunting The Pillow On The Leash
Step 2: Hunting The Pillow Of Leash
Step 3: Sleeve on the Hand
Step 4: Short Escape Final words

16 reviews for Short Escape with Jany Böhm

  1. Jessica C. (verified owner)

    The course about the short escape of Jany Böhm is very well structured and gives an excellent understanding of the tasks. Jany always makes it easy for the handler to understand a certain behavior of your dog and also gives tips about what the helper and the handler need to do at certain moments. Step by step I see improvements in my handling and in my dog. Definitely a 100% recommendation from me.

  2. Manuel S. (verified owner)

    Great course to build an incredible base for the short escape! Jany teaches you step by step the essentials you need to know as a handler but also as an up and coming helper.

  3. Manuel Schneeweiss (verified owner)

    The base to prepare your dog for an excellent short escape!

  4. Miroslav D. (verified owner)

    Moc se mi on line kurz libi a tesim se na dalsi lekce. Je to dobre vysvětlováno od cloveka který tomu opravdu rozumi. No takže vsem doporučuju se na tento kurz přihlásit. Mira

  5. Pierre L. (verified owner)

    I love how Jany explain and to show the technical work . Is very relaxing to watch without stress and conflict with the dogs. I’m looking forward to see he’s videos with long attack well done too you bought. And I have recommend this online for new helpers in Denmark best regards Pierre

  6. Alona L. (verified owner)

    Grateful for finding time to share your experience! Happy to find for myself your knowledge
    Waiting with passion for the next tips that for sure will make my understanding more fully

  7. Irena N. (verified owner)

    Jany Bohm, to absolutnie topowy pozorant i świetny trener. Stał na podium Mistrzostw Świata ze swoim psem, a jednocześnie na Mistrzostwach Świata był pozorantem; trenował od początku Barbarę Szoblik i Darka – vicemistrzów FMBB. W 2023 wygrał CACIT w Czechach ze swoim 2,5 letnim Repim. Jak się uczyć, to tylko od najlepszych! Kurs online jest świetny, ponieważ osoba zaczynająca przygodę z IGP zrozumie treningi, to z pewnością ułatwi komunikację na placu. Wskazówki do ćwiczeń z psem bez pozoranta są również ogromnie przydatne. Zaawansowani w końcu podejrzą treningi i sekrety mistrza 🙂
    Polecam i sama nie mogę się doczekać dalszych lekcji 🙂

  8. Simone Z. (verified owner)

    The course Is very interesting and goes straight to the point. It Is useful for both the helpers and the handlers to understand both the why and the how behind what you’re doing!

  9. Jakub G. (verified owner)

    It contains high value information, I expected more for the price though. However it is still worth buying. Looking forward for the next one for sure.

  10. MANU D. (verified owner)

    Everything is explained very wel.
    It also goes into detail about his thought process and reasoning and everything has physical examples.
    All combined a great course to learn some new tricks from

  11. Madara S. (verified owner)

    Great content, videos have short and to the point information. Easy to understand and learn. Great for handlers to understand what to look for in training. Can’t wait for the next videos!

  12. Brianne H. (verified owner)

    Jany did a fantastic job explaining the theory and demonstrating the training for the dog. Videos were recorded well and it was visually clear for the viewer to see.

  13. Bruno V. (verified owner)

    I loved the escape lessons with Jany. It worths every Cent is spent I payed and I would buy it again. However I must say I expected it to be a bit longer. Anyway, It doesn’t matter considering the amount of Details, which he explains so well! Also love when he shares he’s thoughts and also his philosophy. Big Fan!

  14. Camilla R. (verified owner)

    Great content, providing helpers with tools from start to finish with the dog in center! But not only for helpers, handlers will also find this course useful, to understand their part in the training aswell as being able to improve both system and handling in protection!

  15. Justin K. (verified owner)

    It was an extremely instructive online workshop!
    It was super easy to explain! The practical examples help me to put it into practice!
    Thanks I hope there will be more of them soon

  16. Andrea

    Ottima iniziativa

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