GAPPAY Heeling Leash + Foodbag


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4 reviews for GAPPAY Heeling Leash + Foodbag

  1. Ankie K. (verified owner)

    Very effective and easy to use.Very friendly way of training and also effective. I’m glad I discovered this tool for training. It is definitely recommended!

  2. Esther G. (verified owner)

    This method works so beautifully, animal-friendly, clear for the dog and handler, work and a sensible learning process, training with your brain and not with your muscles, that makes dog sport beautiful and forms a team with your dog
    The bag is very easy and convenient to use, the two compartments are ideal
    I give 10 points 🙂


  3. Susanne K. (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the product and the online seminars are great.
    It makes the work easier and the dogs learn correctly and quickly.
    Thank you Toby, keep up the good work.

  4. Ole T. (verified owner)

    Nice tool for healing rutin

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