The IGP FCI World Championship 2024: Thrilling Canine Excellence in Croatia

The IGP FCI World Championship is the pinnacle of canine sports, and in 2024, it finds its home in the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia. With a prestigious judging panel and passionate competitors, this event promises to be unforgettable. Let’s explore the key details of this exciting competition

Meet the Esteemed Judges

The IGP FCI World Championship 2024 has a panel of three renowned judges:

  1. Tracking Judge – Saso Cvek (Slovenia): A respected tracking expert from Slovenia.
  2. Obedience Judge – Martin Kruss (Austria): A distinguished obedience specialist from Austria.
  3. Protection Judge – Marc Oliver Radtke (Germany): A trusted figure in the protection phase.

The IGP FCI World Championship 2024 in Croatia promises to be a spectacular event for dog enthusiasts and competitors. With the stunning Croatian backdrop, the expertise of the judging panel, and the world’s most skilled IGP teams, it’s a competition not to be missed. This championship celebrates the remarkable abilities of dogs and their handlers while showcasing the dedication that goes into training and competing at this level. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of canine athleticism and the unique bond between humans and their loyal companions in the heart of Croatia!


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