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It's the very best i spend my money in, and it's worth every penny

For me the online meetings with Anna are perfekt, then i quickly get help if i have got stuck with something.
Its great to be able to send Anna a training video and then get quick feedback.

Jessica Lindborg


I’m excited to say that at 4 years old he can learn new skills.

I have never taught the pole method before but thought I would give it a try in hopes of helping put more power into his jumping style. He’s a very good jumper with height but lazy. 

Angie Tennant


It is one of the best training resources I have come across.

It has something for everyone. from newbies to seasoned handlers. I have found it insightful helping me understand how my dog learnes, especially the step by step approach in each of the disciplines. 

Susanne Stock

United Kingdom

Tobias is not only a world class trainer, but also a world class teacher. 

One of the best out there that not only knows how to bring the best out of the dog and the human but also does it while putting the welfare of the animal first

Larry Krohn


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