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Heeling Training Video Same Dog Progression

Heeling Training Video – Same Dog Progression

All of our videos are unedited. We see much value in unedited videos so you can see real-life training. There are many fascinating points to learn from in this video.

In the beginning, Tobias refreshes the Handler’s memory about the value of fur-saver in Obedience as a signal for Proactivity. The handler accidentally put the fur-saver on before entering the field. During training, it is best to let your dog enter the field and absorb the environment. After a few seconds of looking around, you can ask for attention by placing the fur-saver on.

We thank our students for allowing us to record their training and use them as examples. Thank you! Unfortunately, some examples are of what not to do. Please do not be discouraged; you are doing a great job. It takes time to learn a new system. The Handler asks the dog to “heel” before she herself was ready with the leash. Take your time and get ready and only when you are ready, tell your dog to “heel” – 03:02 sec.

As you can see, the dog is not super motivated because he is fed one piece of kibble at a time. An option is to have a bait bag under your arm and reinforce the dog with multiple pieces to get him excited.

We are “control freaks” in our training. Try as much as possible not to let go of your leash when you are playing with your dog. You must have it to be able to control the situation if a need arises – 06:50 sec.

So far, we have been working with stationary attention. We then start to reinforce the dog out of the movement – 08:00 sec.

A curious point. We try to make it as easy as possible for the dogs to understand us. When you are getting yourself prepared and you are holding a ball in your hand, try to wrap your fingers around it in additional communication to your dog that he may not have it. When you are ready to give it to the dog, you would give your “bite” command and release the string – 09:25 sec.

Many dogs drop the head on the first step. Tobias creates a link in the dog’s mind between the activation pop of the leash with the first step. When the dog is in the Basic Position, we pop the leash, take a step and drop the ball. Through the power of Classical Conditioning, he will begin anticipating the ball and will be even more focused after the activation pop and will not drop his head – 10:15 sec.

Be flexible. You might plan on heeling, but if your dog struggles with returning attention to you – reinforce that – the attention and delay heeling for a few seconds – 14:51 sec.

The reason Tobias covered so much is to give the Handler homework so she could go home and practice these steps one at a time.