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Example 2 Forging and No Contact with the Leg

Example 2 – Forging & No Contact with the Leg

It is hard for the dog to keep the focus on the Helper while being able to see where the Handler is. Therefore, we teach the dog to stay in contact with our leg so he could feel where he needs to be.

Before beginning to work with the dog, Tobias checks out the basic obedience in Protection. He presents the sleeve and says “leave it” – the dog bites – 01:06 sec. This is something that has to be addressed later. Tobias intermittently incorporates this exercise to bring more control.

First, we need to create a desire to remain in Basic Position – 01:37 sec.

  • The dog is placed sitting a little ahead of the Handler.
  • The Handler says “transport.”
  • The Helper pulls gently forward with the second leash to create opposition reflex.
  • At the same time, the Handler guides the dog into the Basic Position with her leash.
  • Once the dog arrives into the correct position, the pressure goes away and he is reinforced.

We teach the exercise above from different angles.

We use the same concept while moving. If the dog forges, the Helper will pull the dog forward, while the Handler is guiding the dog back into the correct position. Once there, pressure goes away and the dog is reinforced.

If the dog struggles with the exercise, you can always lower the drive and switch to a ball.

Please note that the dosage from the Handler in the video is extremely high. It is not necessary to pull so hard.

It is a side effect that the dog is afraid to lose the correct position and leans into the Handler with his shoulder.

You can see great improvement – 06:17 sec.

Once this exercise works well in a straight line, you can incorporate left turns. To add more control, you can ask the dog to sit after a left turn.