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Example 3 No Contact with the Leg

Example 3 – No Contact with the Leg

In this version, we also use Opposition Reflex.

An Assistant stands almost perpendicular to the Handler and the dog. He will try to pull the dog out of the Basic Position. The Handler will guide the dog with his leash back into the correct position. Once the dog touches the leg, the pressure goes away and the dog is reinforced.

We are starting this exercise with a bite roll to lower the drive.

To make sure we break Classical Conditioning, we frequently wait five seconds and reinforce the dog for paying attention to the Helper.

Because we want for attention to remain on the Helper, the Helper provides a verbal marker when the dog is in the correct position and then the Helper gives a bite – 01:19 sec.

The dog has to work much harder when the Handler takes a step to the right. The dog still needs to remain in contact. An Assistant will stay to the right from the Handler and the dog team and will have two leashes. One attached to the dog’s waist and another to the collar. When the Handler steps to the side, the Assistant helps the dog – 01:55 sec.

Of course, do not go to an extreme. The dog must not push into you very visibly. He just needs to remain in contact.