Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Focus on the Helper Option 1

Focus on the Helper – Option 1

Basco stays in the Basic Position quite nicely but has trouble focusing on the Helper.

First, he needs to understand where the ball will be coming from. You can see Anna placing close to her underarm and she drops it – 00:51 sec.

She then places it all the way – 01:00 sec.

Tobias makes sure Basco stays in contact with his leg – 01:26 sec.

When he says “Helper,” Basko should come into the contact with his leg, pay attention to Anna, and then receive his reinforcement. When Anna reinforces, she verbally marks, pauses and then drops the ball. The dog will focus more on her face in order not to miss the marker.

We then proceeded to move. We drop the ball after one step.

To make it even more difficult, Tobias will take one step to the right – 04:13 sec. Every time the dog is in contact and looks at Anna – he gets reinforced.