Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Focus on the Helper Option 2

Focus on the Helper – Option 2

To make it easier for Basco to look at her face, Anna held the ball in her hand not far from it. As Basco improved, she moved the hand further behind the shoulder.

To communicate with the dog, Tobias shifts left and right to ensure Basco understands that the contact with the leg is required – 01:20 sec.

After this work stationary, we will begin taking a few steps straight forward. Then we had to step to the right – 02:42 sec.

It is important not to be predictable and vary how many steps are straight, how many to the right, all steps straight, one step, etc.

Anna is staying in line and also steps to the right along with Tobias and Basco.

If the dog was not paying attention, Anna dropped the ball literally on top of his head as a surprise.