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Step 2: Shape the dog

Step 2: Shape the dog

When shaping with an object such as a box, sometimes it is easier to open the dog’s mind by moving the object and getting the dog’s attention to it. We can see Tobias picking up the box, holding it and moving around.

The puppy readily put his front feet on the box at the moment it hits the ground. Tobias marks and reinforces.

Shaping is great to open up the dog’s mind and teach him how to actively engage his environment.

As always, Tobias releases the dog with a tap and the verbal command.

After having dropped the box twice, Tobias silently leaves it on the ground and observes the puppy. The puppy repeats the desired behavior and is reinforced.

To make it easier for the puppy Tobias positions himself on the other side of the object. Once the puppy decides to approach Tobias, the puppy steps on the box.