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Step 3 Helper with a Bite Pillow

Step 3 – Helper with a Bite Pillow

This is the very first time a Helper was working with this dog on Active Out. The critical thing to remember that sometimes, we have a training plan in mind and we have to alter it because of what we see in the dog.

Part of this session was spent on better biting. This is a new exercise for the dog, and there are a lot of moving parts and pieces (barking, biting, countering, outing). It is absolutely normal to shift gears mid-session.

The concept is the same as before except the Helper controlling the barking and Biting.

Mix and Match:

  • Moving in Prey – the dog is quiet.
  • The Helper locks up and activates with a whip – the dog barks.
  • The Helper marks and gives a bite.
  • Multiple options in this step:
    • Either return to the Stand-By Position by the Handler. In this instance, there are also two options:
      • The Handler marks and releases the dog back to work.
      • Or the Handler Outs the dog.
    • Out and go into barking again.
    • Counter and work on the bite.

As always do not follow a pattern and vary the number of barks required before reinforcement. For now, keep the number low and build up the dog’s stamina over time.

Remember that the Helper tells the dog to bite. We need for the dog to pay attention to the Helper. The Handler gives the marker to continue playing or gives the command to OUT. The dog needs to understand that the Helper listens to the Handler when it comes to OUT or play.