Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 4.2 Mechanical continuous

As you know, we use Double-Reinforcement System. The leash is used as a Negative Reinforcement.
The is a very effective communication tool, which must be used precisely. Please follow these steps in order:

  1. Place the PVC stick n front of the dog’s face and allow him to focus on it. Wait a variable number of seconds.
  2. Apply gentle continuous pressure on the leash.
  3. Present the stick to the dog and wait until he takes it.
  4. When he does, immediately release leash pressure.
  5. Then mark.
  6. Ten reinforce.

For now, we do not worry if he is chewing or rolling the stick in his mouth. It is also not important how quickly he grabs it.

Please stay on this step for a month to ensure the dog is solid before you assign a verbal cue in the next step


The dog reacts slowly to the continuous leash pressure?
That’s fine, just give it time. Your dog needs to learn how he can shut off a slightly unpleasant feeling by grabbing the stick. Once the dog understands this he will be faster.