Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 7.1 Dumbbell

There are two main steps when introducing the dumbbell for the first time:

  1. We place the dog a couple of steps away from us.Please wait at least 5 seconds or more and either reinforce the dog for attention or do the retrieve. We need to be careful not to create a Behavior Chain. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for the dog not to anticipate the retrieve.Once you tell the dog to BRING, the dog will take a step towards you and take the dumbbell. You will also give an activation pop on the leash at the same time as a verbal command.Also, when the dog moves in with the dumbbell, we should also wait up to 5 seconds or the dog will begin spitting out the dumb because this is now a habit.
  2. The next step is to place the dumbbell on the ground. If your dog misses it, try to have your assistant hold the dumbbell and little by little lower it to the ground. You can also position the dog in the DOWN.It might be better to use a retractable leash. This way you can apply pressure until the dog gets all the way to the handler.