Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 7.2 Place the dumbbell on the ground

We place the dumbbell on the ground and have the dog on a retractable leash. You can also have an assistant with a second leash who would stop the dog if the dog were not to retrieve.

As you can see, we place the dumbbell off the center path to the Handler. The dog must make a conscious decision to grab the dumbbell before returning to the hander.

You can even place the dog in a DOWN facing away from the Handler and tell the dog to retrieve.

Only once the dog understands the exercise you may increase the distance between the dog, the dumbbell and the Handler.


When should i introduce the 1 kg bumbbell?
When your dog is comfortable with the 650g.

My dog does not pick up the dumbbell off the ground?
You really need an assistant that can hold the dumbbell low to the ground and work it down all the way.

My dog chews the dumbbell?
Since we introduced multiple new criteria, it is normal.  Just apply leash pressure until the dog is calm in his grip.