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Strikes When​ Helper Steps Back

Strikes When​ Helper Steps Back

Puzzled how to break your dog’s habit to strike every time the Helper steps back?

First, we recommend you review basic stay positions. Second, we need to motivate the dog to allow the Helper to step away.

In other sections, we explain Opposition Reflex. The dog has to brace against the pressure to remain in the desired position.

Your Helper can assist you. He would hold the second leash. When you tell him to step back, he would step back while pulling gently the dog forward. You will guide the dog back into the Basic Position. Once the dog does, the pressure goes away and the dog is reinforced.

Once the dog expects the pressure every time the Helper steps back, he will brace against it and remain in the position. Make sure you reinforce it.

You should start working in the low level of drive with an Assistant and a ball.