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Training Video Young Dog Without Agitation Table Copy

Training Video – Young Dog Without Agitation Table

It is possible to teach countering without an agitation table. All we have to do is communicate to the dog the meaning of the leash.

The instance he bites, we pull on the tug until the leash tightens (not too tight to make him out). The slightly tight leash may cause the dog to pull back. The instance he does, even if it is a small pull, mark and reinforce. As long as you are consistent, the dog will understand that tight leash is the key to countering. Countering release the leash pressure and in the end, may deliver the reinforcement.

Once you mark, you can either release the bite pillow, or you can continue tugging, or you can cradle the dog and calm him down.

When we teach the dog to counter we do not want necessarily to worry about the fullness of the bite. This is why we use something like a round bite pillow.

Remember not to create a behavior chain and switch between Prey and Aggression. We want to keep the dog as much as possible in Prey Drive because it establishes calmer bites and helps the dog learn to counter.