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Down with Recall (BH)

You can proceed from the same spot where you ended Sit Out of Motion. You will again wait for the judge’s permission to begin.

The Handler and the dog will heel 10-15 paces and then the Handler has 2 options:

  1. The Handler can pause for 3 seconds and give the verbal only command to Down.
  2. The Handler without a pause, change in speed, or any body movement gives the verbal only command to Down.

The Handler continues to walk another 30 paces.

At the end of 30 paces, the Handler stops and turns to face the dog. The Handlers waits for the judge’s permission to call the dog. The dog can be called either by a command or by saying the dog’s name. One or the other.

Once the dog is in the front position, the Handler waits 3 seconds and gives the command to finish into the Basic Position.

Loss of points:

  • Heeling:
    • If the dog loses focus on the Handler and drops his head or looks around.
    • If the dog crowds – heels so tight to the leg that it impedes the Handler’s movement.
    • Crabbing – the rear of the dog sticks out. The dog walks not parallel to the Handler but at an angle.
    • Forging – the dog’s shoulders are in front of the Handler’s knee.
    • Lagging – the dog’s shoulders are behind the Handler’s knee.
  • If the dog takes many steps before Down.
  • Comes to a stop but is very slow to Down.
  • Appears restless and is looking around.
  • Slow recall.
  • Crooked front.
  • Crooked finish.
  • If the dog is sitting or standing – the exercise drops to “insufficient” category (-5 points).
  • If the dog does not come after 3rd command – you lose all points. In this case, you can go back to the dog, pick him up and proceed to the next exercise.