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Crate Training A safe Place Where the Puppy Can Get Rest and Learn How to be Clean

Crate Training – A safe Place Where the Puppy Can Get Rest & Learn How to be Clean

If your puppy lives in your house with you, we recommend you purchase a crate. It must be placed in a quiet area for the puppy to be able to rest. When puppies do not get enough rest, they can become overstimulated and might exhibit a magnitude of undesirable behaviors.

Crate-training can also help with potty training.

Dogs, as species, do very well with routines. It can also make your life easier and allow you to proceed with your daily activities.

Not every puppy settles in the crate very easily. We have to remember that probably up to that day they have never been alone. You can place food there every time before the puppy enters the crate. It will be a surprise for him and can change his emotional response.

Please be very careful not to reinforce your puppy screaming in the crate. Obviously, he might have to go to the bathroom, but he has to wait patiently and quietly until you open the crate. If you do not do so, he will conclude that the more he screams the faster you come and release him. Take your time and wait him out.

A crate is a short-term solution for a long term wonderful relationship with the dog.