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Meet and Greet an Older Big Dog

A wonderful video with a lot of body language. 

The puppy immediately launches and is verbally corrected. After he walks away and gives distance, Herta, the Rottweiler, approaches him in an arch communicating that although she corrected him, she is not a threat – 01:11 sec. She is not offering eye contact, which tells him not to engage but she is not threatening.

Then she wants to introduce herself and also shows her more dominant role and squats to mark – 01:25 sec.

The puppy is returning the attention, also approaching in an arch – 03:01 sec. 

He eventually tentatively approaches her rear and tries to stiff. You can see the Rottweiler tenses immediately and closes her mouth – 03:11 sec. In a second, she says no, thank you. Right after correction, she warns him by looking straight ahead and tensing up. Another bark and the puppy is gone. 

Her behavior is very fair in canine language. The puppy tentatively approaches to initiate contact but from a distance. He is not entirely sure how to proceed and invite her to play. 

He builds up courage and vocalizes, which is shut down by the Rottweiler immediately – 04:40 sec.

This process goes around and around.

Eventually, the Rottweiler wants to play, but after a few lessons in Etiquette, that puppy is not quite sure.

After a few days, they will settle in and have a balanced relationship.

It is best to allow dogs in each other’s proximity for 5 to 10 minutes a day. We recommend avoid having food or toys that might cause sharing issues

We do not intervene unless we see that the older dog has had enough. Then you would remove the puppy.