Back Transport

Back Transport is worth 5 points.

You remember that the previous exercise ended with the Hander standing and the dog being silent in the Basic Position. There is no Back Transport in IGP1. Everything below applies to IGP2 and 3.

Part of this section is identical for IPG2 and 3.

The Handler asks the Helper to step back and turn around out. The Helper will step back, turn away, and begin walking at a normal speed. After he makes 8 steps, he will come to a stop. You will give the command “move out.” You and your dog will begin following him. You can give the command “heel” or “transport”. “Transport” makes more sense since the dog needs to understand where his focus must be. This distance must be maintained throughout the whole exercise.

This is not a heeling exercise when the dog pays attention to you. The dog must walk in the proper Basic Position but his eyes must be exclusively on the Helper.

The Back Transport is 30 paces or over. The judge decides the pattern. It can be a straight line or a corner turn.

Below is the main difference between IGP2 and IGP3.

IGP1 – on the order of the judge, the Helper stops and stands still. The Hander and the dog continue walking. Once you reach the Helper, the dog must be between you and the Helper. After this, you will skip the next section (Attack out of Back Transport). You will go directly to Side Transport.

IGP2 has the same instructions above but proceeds to Attack Out of Back Transport.


  • The dog is forging or lagging.
  • The dog is not focused on the Helper.
  • The Handler does not keep the same distance from the Helper.