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Side Transport after Escape or Back Transport Attacks

Side Transport after Escape or Back Transport Attacks

There is no Side Transport after Escape Attack in IGP1.

In IGP2 Side Transport happens after the Helper stops after Back Transport. It is 20 paces.

In IGP3 Side Transport happens after Attack out of Back Transport. It is 30 paces.

You are allowed to direct Helper to step back.

As we mentioned before, there is no designated path you should take from leaving the Helper when you and the dog are facing him to the position when your dog is sitting in the Basic Position between you and the Helper. You still be judged for the proper heeling position. The dog is always between the Helper and the Handler. Before beginning to move together, the Handler takes the stick from the Helper. A command “transport” is allowed.

The dog’s focus must be on the Helper while staying in Basic Position by the Handler. The dog is not allowed to bite the sleeve, press against the Helper or bump him.

Once the group reaches the Judges, the Handler and the Helper stop. You will give the command “stop.” The dog is sitting in the Basic Position. The Handler then hands over the stick to the judge and announces that the 1st part of Protection is completed.