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The dog must wear a fur-saver that is not restricting. When the leash is used, it must be attached to the dead ring. There are must be no tags on the collar. For higher level of competition, even the small manufacturer metal tag must be removed.

The length of the leash is not defined but should be something that is easy to put in a pocket (right pocket) or be worn clasped across the shoulder.

In IGP 1 it is a Handler’s decision whether secondary obedience exercises are performed with or without the leash. Please note, the decision to use the leash must be done before the exercise. Also, while the leash is being attached to the dog, his behavior is evaluated by the judge to ensure the dog is under control and does not have a reaction to the leash.

In IGP 2 and IGP 3, reporting to the judge and all exercises are done off-leash.