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Defense Against an Attack from the Guarding Phase (Re-Attack After Escape)

Defense Against an Attack from the Guarding Phase (Re-Attack After Escape)

After the Escape is over and the dog OUTs, he must be guarding for 5 seconds (previous exercise).

After that, the Helper attacks the dog. The dog must strike powerfully with a firm and full grip. The Helper will move and pressure the dog. Two sticks will be applied during the drive.

Upon the judge’s order, the Helper will come to a stop and will lock up. Once the Helper comes to a stop, you will OUT the dog. The command must be given under 3 seconds from the lock-up.

Once the dog OUTs, he will switch to guarding (barking or silent). The Helper will be standing still.

You will have to wait for the Judge’s signal to approach the dog. You will walk at a normal pace and stand next to the dog in the Basic Position. You will tell the dog to Sit. The dog should sit but not move toward the Handler. The dog must stop barking.

In IGP1 the Handler will heel with the dog on leash or off-leash across the field to the marked start position for Long Bite.

In IGP2 and 3, the team will proceed to Back Transport

Point Deductions:

  • If the strike is weak and the grip is not full.
  • If the dog is not trying to stop the Helper.
  • Vocalizing during the attack.
  • Extra command to Sit.
  • The dog bumps the Helper (dirty).