About Tobias Oleynik

Let me introduce you to Tobias Oleynik, a German dog enthusiast who has been working with dogs for most of his life. Tobias is dedicated to training and competing in various dog sports, including IGP, police work, and search and rescue.

Although Tobias has had success in these fields, he remains humble and grounded. He recognizes that there is always more to learn and improve upon, and he approaches his work with a willingness to listen and adapt. He is always eager to share his knowledge with others and is passionate about helping people and their dogs reach their full potential..

In summary, Tobias is a down-to-earth guy who is passionate about working with dogs. His success in various dog sports is a testament to his dedication and hard work, but he remains humble and eager to learn. His willingness to help others and give back to the community is inspiring and speaks to his character.

Results from Tobias

  • 1st place Bundes FCI Qualification
  • 2nd place German Championship BSP
  • 7th place German Championship BSP
  • 12th place CDH German Championship
  • 7th place World Championship
  • Best Obedience with 97 points on a World Championship

Achievements from Students

  • 3x German Champion BSP
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • 3rd Place FMBB World Championship
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • Norwegian Champion
  • United Kingdom Champion
  • 1st Place ADRK World Championship Rottweiler
  • 5th Place WUSV 2018
  • 2nd Place FMBB Qualifier Great Britain 2021
  • Universal Champion Canada 2021
  • Qualified FMMB World Championship 2022 Greece