About Tobias Oleynik

Tobias Oleynik is from Germany. He is a World Level IGP Competitor and instructor to many club, regional, national and international competitive teams. He focuses on IGP, Police, Search and Rescue dogs.

Results from Tobias

  • 1st place Bundes FCI Qualification
  • 2nd place German Championship BSP
  • 7th place German Championship BSP
  • 12th place CDH German Championship
  • 7th place World Championship
  • Best Obedience with 97 points on a World Championship

Achievements from Students

  • 3x German Champion BSP
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • 3rd Place FMBB World Championship
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • Norwegian Champion
  • United Kingdom Champion
  • 1st Place ADRK World Championship Rottweiler
  • 5th Place WUSV 2018
  • 2nd Place FMBB Qualifier Great Britain 2021
  • Universal Champion Canada 2021
  • Qualified FMMB World Championship 2022 Greece