SDS Harness
[Sit, Down & Stand]

The SDS Harness is a unique training tool for the stay positions that helps newbies, IGP nerds, and professional dog trainers to teach their dog stay positions faster than ever without a training partner, a dog training club, or years of experience so they can get reliable and fast stay positions out of motion.

This harness helped me a lot with my stay positions. Especially the "stand" exercise is so easy to teach! Its a great helping to for young dogs to learn and also super for dogs that want to go for trials!

Cathrine Stenmoe

Norwegian Champion

In 3 Steps to perfect Stay Positions

Each SDS Harness comes with a Free Video Course on how to use it correctly.


Teach your dog Sit, Down and Stand stationary with contact points ( if you want)

Motion Backwards

Let´s teach your dog the stay positions out of motions. To make it easier we go backwards.

Complete Excercise

Once your dog is able to heel next to you and also understands the stay positions, we put them together.

"But on a Trial, I don't have the Harness on! Will my Dog do the exercise?"

Here are Some Tips to Clarify Your Doubts!