Trial Preparation

Prepare your dog for trials and competitions.


These are the 3 steps how we prepare dogs for trials and competitions.

  • Remove Helps and Fade out Rewards
    I think we are World Champions in building in helps. We have a ball here, or a kibble of food there. On top of that, we are using a position stick, a clicker and so much more. But when you enter the field on a trial, there is only YOU and your DOG!
  • CMS - Conflict Management System
    At big trials or competitions a dog has to deal with a lot of different situations and circumstances. This can cause conflicts in your dog. Conflict Management System helps your dog deal with all these conflicts.
  • Stimulus Control
    Perhaps one of the highest levels of dog training. To train a dog so he performs anytime and anywhere! Regardless of his motivation or the distractions he is surrounded with!

" One of the best out there that not only knows how to bring the best out of the dog and the human but also does it while putting the welfare of the animal first "

Larry Krohn

Packmaster / USA

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Check out some videos from the Trial Preparation Program 

Conflict Management Tracking

Remove Rewards in Obedience 

Protection Work Example

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Is your program better for experienced trainers or those new to the sport?

More experienced handlers may pick and choose exercises to focus. As far as newcomers to the sport, we advise following the program in its entirety without mixing with other systems. It helps avoid confusion. Once the handlers become more experienced, it will be easier to decide which path to take.

Many programs use pre-trained dogs. What about your Academy?

In our videos, you will see dogs doing exercises for the first time. You will see their progression through the program one step at a time. You will see all the struggles and mistakes as they happened in real life.

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