All of us have exercises that are not progressing as smoothly as others. All dogs are unique. One might struggle with an exercise that worked well for another.


An essential part of any troubleshooting is to identify the problem. Sometimes, a problem is not what it seems. Many behaviors are interconnected into chains and are affecting each other.

  • The most challenging aspect of troubleshooting is recognizing that something is no longer working instead of trying and trying again.
  • The beautiful part is that we already went through the complete troubleshooting process from identifying the problem, establishing a plan of action, implementing, verifying that the solution works, and recording the outcome. All of the above for us to help you with your challenges.

" One of the best out there that not only knows how to bring the best out of the dog and the human but also does it while putting the welfare of the animal first "

Larry Krohn

Packmaster / USA

Every intended and unintended interaction with a puppy is a training opportunity.

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We cover many topics, such as dog’s speed, approaching start flag without pulling, tracking on different terrains, etc. One of our dogs was recorded weekly for a month, solving the issue of dealing with distractions on the track: little victories and setbacks all in a row.


Main exercises break this section down into small parts, like send away, jumping, stay positions, heeling, recalls, etc. One of the widespread challenges is dogs “chewing” dumbbells. We have 9 videos of dogs of various breeds and ages working through solutions just for that problem.


This section is broken into Barking, Biting, OUT, and Secondary Obedience. This clear organization allows us to line up solutions for our students that involve their personal performance and their Helper’s.

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No Sit Excercise

Improve About Turn

Protection Work

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Is your program better for experienced trainers or those new to the sport?

More experienced handlers may pick and choose exercises to focus. As far as newcomers to the sport, we advise following the program in its entirety without mixing with other systems. It helps avoid confusion. Once the handlers become more experienced, it will be easier to decide which path to take.

Many programs use pre-trained dogs. What about your Academy?

In our videos, you will see dogs doing exercises for the first time. You will see their progression through the program one step at a time. You will see all the struggles and mistakes as they happened in real life.

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