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Tracklaying – Ageing, Terrain, Soil and Wind

Ageing (unlike aging) is the time lapse between when the track is laid and the track is run.

  • IGP 1 – 20 minutes
  • IGP 2 – 30 minutes
  • IGP 3 – 60 minutes

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, all tracks might be aged longer.

When you evaluate the success of your trial tracking always consider: time of the day, terrain, type of soil, and direction of the wind.

A one-hour old track on a hot, dry day can seem as old as a three-hour old track on a cool day. Humidity helps retain the scent longer. Fog forces for scent to spread low.

Track is also affected by terrain, such as hills, trees, bushes, ditches, etc. For instance, air currents move up the hill when the cool air is warming up in the sun, and the air currents move down as the warm air cools off.

All-natural soils such as dirt fields, grass/sod fields can be used. It also may not be consistent. You can run into a transition from/to short grass, tall grass, super tall grass (past your knee), dirt patch, soggy patch, flower patch, etc.

The direction and speed of the wind are very important. As an example, if the dog is walking into a strong wind, he might cut a corner. If he is waking with the strong wind, he might walk onto an article.

We should prepare our dogs for these circumstances.