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Leash Handling

When the dog leaves the scent pad, the handler must remain stationary until the end of the leash reaches his hands. The same happens when the handler gives the search command after article indication.

If your leash is super tight and it appears that you are being dragged by the dog, it is faulty.

The leash can be tight or slack. Cannot be too slack and impede the dog’s search. The tension of the leash should remain the same throughout the search.

When the dog reaches the corner, the handler should stand stationary and wait until the dog decides on the direction. Once the dog proceeds, the handler does not need to follow the track but can swing out to allow the leash to remain in the same position.

If the dog is tangled in the leash, the handler may ask the judge’s permission to untangle. Once it is untangled, the handler will return to the end of the leash and will give restart command. There are no points lost.