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Tracklaying – Articles

IGP 1, 2, and 3 have a total of three articles.


  • Approximately 10 cm long x 2-3 cm wide x 0.5-1 cm tall.
  • May not differ significantly in color from the terrain. 
  • Can be textile, leather, or wood.
  • Handler will bring his articles and show them to the judge for IGP 1.
  • Must be carried on the body of the Handler or a tracklayer for a minimum of 30 minutes. It does not mean they are against the body to absorb maximum smell, they can be simply in pockets. Sometimes, they might not even make it out of a plastic bag. You should practice with brand new articles with no human scent just in case.

Placement of articles:

  • A track is always finished with an article.
  • After the last article, the tracklayer will continue walking straight for 10 paces.
  • Articles cannot be placed less than 20 paces before or after a corner.
  • In IGP 1 and 2, an article is placed on each leg.
  • In IGP 3, 1st article will be on the 1st or second leg. 2nd article anywhere else according to the judge.
  • In IGP 3 an article cannot be less than 100 paces from the start.