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Tracklaying – Length

  • IGP 1 – 300 paces (laid by the Handler)
  • IGP 2 – 400 paces (laid by a Stranger)
  • IGP 3 – 600 paces (laid by a Stranger)

Pace is defined as 60 – 70 cm, or 24 – 28 inches in length.

Before you lay your track for IGP 1 the judge might examine the length of your pace and make adjustments. You will be assigned scent pad location, shape, landmarks, and borders for your track.

Tracklaying must be done in normal gate, and speed. Scuffing is not allowed. Tracklayer will remain briefly on the scent pad and then proceed walking. Shorter pace is allowed right before corners.

You will not be allowed to observe tracklaying for levels 2 and 3.