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Are you sick of the fact that other dogs are better trained than your dog?

Are you frustrated that other dog handlers are more successful than you?

"Discover the 'HOW' and 'WHY' Behind Expert Dog Handling – Bridge the Gap and Excel Beyond Your Competition!"






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The fear of screwing up your puppy

Are you losing sleep over the fear of making a mistake with your new puppy that could haunt you for years? We understand the pain behind the pain—the anxiety that comes with raising and training your IGP Sport Dog.

You just don't know HOW

If you don't know 100% the next step in your Training, your dog won't understand the exercise and complete a learning process, and you will never be able to trial your dog.

This cost you the BIG points

No focus in heeling, chewing on the dumbbell, sloppy jumps, no control in Protection work, and a dog that runs over the track like going on a nice walk in the park. We will show you how to solve all that problems.

This is why you fail on trials

It's your fault that your dog is not performing on a trial like he is doing in training. The reason is that we are world Champions in building HELPS in training, but we are bad at removing all these helps. We know how to do that!

We understand you!

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Are you constantly having arguments with your club members because you want to train differently than them? Because you want to try a new way? We can hear you!

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