There are 2 options: after checking in with the judge you might be sent directly to the Long Down designated area or you will heel there after completing the rest of your obedience routine.

In IGP1 and IGP2, the dog handler will be 30 paces away with his back turned to the dog.

In IGP3, the dog handler is also 30 paces away but is out of sight (hidden in the blind).

You will arrive in the area (many clubs will indicate a separate area for bitches in heat). Your dog will be sitting in the Basic Position. You will wait for the judge. Once the judge gives permission, you will tell the dog “Down” and walk to the blind.

The dog must be lying down calmly and attentive towards the Handler. Right before the other team is going to execute Send Away exercise, you will return to the dog. Wait for the judge’s permission and tell the dog to “Sit.”

The leash is then attached to the dog and the team calmly and under control leaves the field.

If you began your routine with the Down, you will go to the beginning of the Heeling area.