The dog must wear a fur-saver that is not restricting. When the leash is used, it must be attached to the dead ring. There must be no tags on the collar. For a higher level of competition, even the small manufacturer metal tag must be removed.

The length of the leash is not defined but should be something that is easy to put in a pocket (right pocket) or be worn clasped across the shoulder.

If you are going to construct your own equipment, please consult the rules for dimensions. For our purpose, we are going to assume that the equipment on the filed is compliant with the regulations.

There will be a 1-meter jump, scaling wall, and a dumbbell rack with 3 dumbbells. They can be placed in any arrangements.

The 1-meter jump can be wooden or lightweight manufactured from multicolored materials. If possible, get your dog acquainted with many types.