The Handler and the dog will begin at the designated area. Upon the judge’s mark, the team will heel 10-15 steps, the Handler will give “go out” command and raise the arm (not required) and stand still. The Hander may hold the arm out until the dog downs.

The dog has to run at least 30 paces and upon the judge’s permission, the Handler gives “Down” command. The dog has to down immediately.

The judge will give the permission for the Hander to return to the dog. The Handler returns to the dog and steps into the Basic Position. Once the judge gives green light, the Handler gives the command to “Sit.”

The team will heel either to the critique area or for the Long Down exercise, it it has not been done.

Loss of Points:

  • Regular heeling errors described before.
  • The dog stops but does not down on the 1st command, h downs on the second or the third.
  • The dog is slow to down.
  • The dog runs slowly anticipating “Down.”
  • The dog does not stop on the first command, but stops on the second or third.
  • The dog breaks as the Handler is on the way to pick him up. The dog can be stopped less than 50% of the distance to the Handler.
  • The dog is restless while waiting for the Handler.