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Change of Speed

After the first about turn, you will heel 10 to 15 paces and then you must show a change of speed.

You will go fast 10-15 paces and immediately go slow 10-15 paces. Then you will return to normal.

It does not mean you need to run at top speed. There must be a noticeable change in your and the dog’s movement. It might be considered faulty if you take short fast steps and it looks like you are jogging but the dog is still moving at the same speed.

You will give your dog verbal command to “heel” at each change of pace. You will say it 3 times. From normal to fast, from fast to slow, from slow to normal.

There must be no transitional period between the changes of speed. Meaning that you cannot slowly speed up and gently slow down. You should do it as quickly as you and your dog are able.