This exercise is with 15 points in IGP1, 2 and 3. You will use the same IGP1 dumbbell for each level.

You will heel away from the dumbbell rack to the start position (about 4 meters away from the jump). It will be marked clearly. You cannot be closer to the jump but you can be further away.

The dog must sit in the Basic Position quietly. You can move right leg as long as you do not disturb the dog. If you do move the leg, you must wait 3 seconds after resting Basic Position before sending the dog.

You will give the dog a verbal command to jump. While the dog is jumping you will give the command to retrieve. The dog must clear the jump, run to the dumbbell, pick it up, jump over the jump back, sit in front of you and present it. The hold must be calm and firm.

After 3 seconds, you will take the dumbbell while giving verbal command to “give.” You will hold the dumbbell in your right hand with the arm straight down.

You will wait 3 seconds and ask the dog to return to the Basic Position. Wait for the judge to indicate the exercise is over. You will then heel to the dumbbell rack and pick up the next one.

If the dog does not present the dumbbell to the Handler – the exercise is not completed.

  • The dog is slow to the dumbbell and/or back.
  • Does not jump (both way or one way).
  • If the dog bumps the jump or knocks it over.
  • Vocalizes.
  • Hover (the rear is not all the way on the ground).
  • Passes the dumbbell before picking it up.
  • Chews or rolls it in his mouth.
  • Bumps Handler harshly with the dumbbell.
  • Crooked front.
  • Crooked finish.
  • Slow OUT.
  • OUTS prematurely.