Stand Out of Motion

This exercise does not exist in IGP 1. In IGP2 is it worth 5 points and in IGP3 10 points.

In IGP2:

Once the judge gives the green light, the Handler heels 10-15 paces forward and then without a pause, change in speed or any body movement gives verbal only command to Stand and continues to walk another 15 paces.

At the end of 15 paces, the Handler turns around and faces the dog. You must wait for the judge’s permission to return to the dog. You will return to the Basic Position.

The dog should be focused on you while you are walking/running away and when you return.

In IGP3:

Instead oh heeling, the team is running 10-15 paces and then just as above, the Handler gives the command to Stand.

The Hander continues running 30 paces and turns facing the dog. After the permission of the judge, the Handler calls the dog either with recall command or the dog’s name.

Loss of Points:

  • Heeling:
    • If the dog loses focus on the Handler and drops his head or looks around.
    • If the dog crowds – heels so tight to the leg that it impedes the Handler’s movement.
    • Crabbing – the rear of the dog sticks out. The dog walks not parallel to the Handler but at an angle.
    • Forging – the dog’s shoulders are in front of the Handler’s knee.
    • Lagging – the dog’s shoulders are behind the Handler’s knee.
  • If the dog takes many steps before standing.
  • Appears restless and is looking around.
  • The dog moves as you approach.
  • If the dog sits or downs – you will drop to “insufficient” category (-5 points).
  • If the dog does not come on the 3rd command, the exercise will be worth 0 points.